Proven Tricks to Keep Your Tiktok Likes

Tiktok is a great way to have fun, pass time, grow a brand, and even a whole business, both as an influencer or just a fan. Most people are now taking Tiktok seriously and for whatever reason you may have a Tiktok account, whether or not your Tiktok journey depends on your following.

Getting buyTiktok likes instantly is one thing. But getting your likes to stick with you and stay is a whole other different thing. It could be easier to get more people to follow you, but it is hard work to keep them.

This is because, when one follows you for whatever reason, they expect the same kind of content over and over again. If anything, they want to see improvement and even better things from you. Failure to that, you lose.

Getting New Likes vs Keeping Likes

Is there even a difference between getting new likes and keeping them? Yes, a big difference. Getting new likes only means the number has increased. There is more to a successful Tiktok channel than just numbers.

The most important thing is the engagement. Do people like your posts? Are they commenting on your videos? Are you interacting with them in the comment section? What are they even saying about you?

When you get likes with no engagement, you just end up having a big number for nothing. Losing likes means you start getting less number of views, less likes, and no comments at all. That’s how you know you are losing likes, even if the number is still huge.

How to keepTiktok Likes

To keep Tiktok likes, you first need to create a content strategy before you even create the content itself. This is to help you stay in track.  The content strategy is more or less like a schedule or a time table.

It contains the timelines of when you are supposed to do certain specific things, particular days that you get particular things done. All in the efforts of ensuring you also have relevant content to post.

For example, if you post videos every day, the content strategy would have when you create these videos, when you edit them, and what time you schedule to upload them. This is the number one very specific thing that will help you post relevant, consistent content. And that’s how you get Tiktok likes and keep them.

Other ways to keep Tiktok likes include;

Be Unique

Being unique could mean a lot of things. It could mean staying on a very particular lane for example sticking to challenges and nothing but challenges. So, the next time your likes see your post notification, they already know it is another challenge. This will not only help you keep your existing fans but also get new ones fast.


Collaborating is another way of getting new and keeping your fans. Just make sure you collaborate with other content creators who match your style, theme, and industry.

Interact with Your Likes

Most people go wrong here. They strive to get more likes, views, and likes, but they tend to ignore their fans and never even make an attempt to reply to a single comment. Replying to your comments and encouraging conversations motivates your fans to stay with you.

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