Easy to Wear and Accessible Shoulder Holster

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Looking for a comfortable, concealable pack for your weapon? The
shoulder holster provides versatile and dependable concealment options for protecting yourself and your family. This Holster is perfect for carrying a (pistol or revolver) handgun. It attaches to the shoulder and provides immediate access in an emergency. This is an especially comfortable way to carry a sidearm. Adjustable size, can be worn on either shoulder. It is made from soft, durable leather and features a hook-and-loop belt loop design to fit most waist sizes. The holster fits a variety of medium frame revolvers with 2 in. barrels and or up to 6 in. barrels.


Sometimes it’s important to use both hands so you can feel free to carry a handgun in the holster. The holster is built for comfort, durability, and maximum retention. The shoulder straps are padded with soft neoprene and designed to avoid sweating beneath the holster. Keep your weapon close at hand with this holster. The holster is lightweight and contoured for comfortable wear, and the shoulder strap has a padded over-the-shoulder section that distributes weight evenly so your body doesn’t get sore.

This holster secures your firearm in a sturdy yet comfortable way. It features a padded harness and neoprene construction. This holster is a comfortable, discreet way to carry your gun.  These holsters are designed for carrying your firearm comfortably and inconspicuously. They are made of high quality material, durable and easy to adjust which provide a great fit and comfortability.


Getting the Right Holster that Fits Perfectly


This holster is made of genuine leather, is hand-crafted, and fits a wide range of weapons. The top grain cowhide leather frame includes an adjustable strap that you can connect to your belt or pants. It comes with a non-slip shoulder pad that provides optimal concealment and comfort as well as an anti-sway back strap. A hybrid holster that is designed for concealed carry and allows for quick, one hand draw. The COM-TAC IWB Holster has a patented paddle design that allows for easy on/off and adjustment to personal comfort.


The holster features a large zippered compartment with draw strap, and one adjustable Velcro strap for easy on and off of holster. It is designed for maximum comfort during all day wear, and has an adjustable strap that attaches to shoulder or belt. It provides unmatched comfort and concealment. This durable, lightweight design is easily adjustable to fit a wide range of body types.


It is a comfortable, convenient way to carry your handgun. Bonds handcrafted quality is evident in their design and manufacturing processes. This holster features adjustable length and fit, an adjustable belt loop, and a built-in pouch for extra ammunition. It is just what you need to keep your weapon out of view — and close at hand — while wearing any type of clothing. Made of synthetic suede, this holster features an adjustable harness with a quick-release buckle securely holds your handgun in place, no matter the fashion or activity. The universal design fits most firearms, including semiautomatics, revolvers and derringers.


Safe Concealment and Easy Access


A normal day at work can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. These holsters are designed to keep your firearm close but not too visible to others. The holster is comfortable and easy to use, with a strap that adjusts for the perfect fit. It is a must have for any professional security guard or law enforcement officer that needs quick access to their firearm. Made with top quality materials this holster will last you many years so don’t be afraid to put it through the ringer. It can be adjusted up and down to fit your particular body type. If you need more room, it is highly recommended to order the next size up.

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