The skill of Repairing metallic Beaded Necklace

Not long ago a person joined my shop having a rare necklace she selected up during visit to Italia. It had been became a member of together with a wire which had 2 freshwater pearls towards the top of the hinge and a pair of pearls at the base from the hinge. One of these was damaged.

Repairing metal jewellery isn’t my niche. But, whether it’s beaded, I’m your repair girl. My first thought ended up being to turn the task lower. But upon future analysis, I observed the necklace was really connected together with a technique referred to as wire wrapping. Immediately, I felt my beading power return and that i started planning the steps needed to correct the necklace. I’ve got a saying “a few of the simplest jobs could possibly be the hardest and also the jobs that appear to be hard can be very quite simple. This jewellery repair fell in to the latter of these two groups.

The types of materials required for the repair were 4 pearls, and silver wire. The very first factor Used to do ended up being to use small gauge silver wire to wrap a loop. Then i ran the wire through two freshwater pearls after which with the metal hinge components. Next I placed 2 more pearls around the wire then simply just made another wire wrapped loop for the task. Not really adore it when you are able say another nice job! If you are looking at viewing the pre and post photos of the repair, please follow the link below and go to the jewellery repair design gallery.

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